One Week to Go!

Welcome to our travel blog.


Ready to go

It is now just over a week until we leave the UK. The adventure begins on Wednesday 18th June when we fly from Manchester to Lima in Peru. We have an initial excursion up the Inca Trail booked and after that we’ll be left in Cusco to fend for ourselves. The flights are booked,  the insurance is arranged, the storage container arrives next week and best of all, we both leave work on Friday.


Our itinerary is something like this:

  • 18th June – Fly to Lima in Peru then spend three months travelling overland to Santiago in Chile through Bolivia and Argentina.
  • 18th September – Fly out Santiago in Chile to Auckland in New Zealand then travel for five weeks overland with a campervan to Christchurch on the South Island.
  • 23rd October – Fly from Christchurch to Sydney for five nights (we are avoiding an extended stay in Oz on the basis of saving cost).
  • 28th October – Fly to Bali for the Gili islands
  • We haven’t book any flights after that, the idea is to get to Singapore and work up to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos with an aim of trying to get to Beijing for the Trans Siberian Rail journey back to Moscow.

That’s the broad idea.


Samson gets ready to be packed off to Stockport.

With a  week to go we are both experiencing a mix of feelings excitement, excitement, apprehension and plenty of stress! The good parts include leaving work, buying books to read and music to listen to on the road. I bought some headphones at the weekend, the first time I’ve bought anything for ages and a sure sign that our adventure is looming ever closer. The bad parts are leaving friends, leaving the cat (the cat’s off for his own sabbatical to Tracy’s parents house in Stockport) and coming to terms in Paul’s case that for the first time in about 22 years that he won’t be able to do the Bullock Smithy (that part’s killing him).

We hope you can follow the blog and keep in touch. We got an enormous amount of help and ideas by reading other people’s blogs and we are particularly grateful to LauraandJim for taking time to mail us about their experiences after their similar trip.


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One Response to One Week to Go!

  1. Mark Garratt says:

    Good luck Paul and Tracy I will follow your blog all the best mark and Anna

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