Puno – Peru

Tracy’s First post enjoy reading

We arrived in Puno at about 7pm after journeying on from the Colca Canyon trip. We’d booked a hostel for 2 nights which was situated in the centre of Puno, the hostel world website gave it good reviews and was again on the cheap side at £13.40 for a private room and breakfast. The reviews indicated that the breakfast was good and that you got free tea & coffee all day.

A local with his bag.

A local with his bag.

On arrival the owner was friendly but made a big point of asking what we were doing whilst in Puno, advising us he could organise trips at a good price! We politely said we’d think about it, we were tried just getting off the bus and I’d lost my voice (to Paul’s amusement) so it was a good excuse to leave the decision making over night.

We took our bags to the room to find a basic room, no windows, 2 single beds and a small bathroom, you can’t expect much for such little money. The hostel smelt of josh sticks (I wondered what smell it was trying to hide) I sat on the bed to be stabbed by a spring that was sticking out of the side of the mattress, was this the start of what was to come here in hostel Kantaya?

Puno itself is a simple city, with not much character we found out on our first exploration, pizza s are very popular that’s all that seemed to be advertised. We had decided due to me being full of a cold we’d not rush to do the tourist trips the next day, but to explore what Puno had to offer then do the day trip the day after to Lake Titicaca and Island Taquille, Plus this had the advantage of us watching the World Cup semi final with Argentina and Holland, which we duly did and had loads of fun chatting to other travellers whilst partaking in some well deserved drinks.

The Reed boat which took us around the floating island

The Reed boat which took us around the floating island

The next day it was up at 6am to get to the ferry terminal for the trip. You get there and it’s hectic, people everywhere wanting you to do their trips. The hostel had quoted 55 soles, but we knew you could get it cheaper and we did 41 soles each. A huge £3 saving each but it all mounts up!

Uros - Floating Islands

Uros – Floating Islands

The floating islands of Uros, what can I say, it’s a strange sensation stepping onto a big platform of reeds in the middle of the worlds highest navigable lake, but that was about it for me. The guide explained the structure and we were taken on a reed boat around the island at a cost of 10soles each basically it just felt like a huge tourist trap. They said 7 families lived on the island we visited apparently there around 80 floating islands on the lake, it was something that you can say you’ve seen but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Exploring Taquille Island

Exploring Taquille Island

From there we boated onto the Island Taquille a much nicer experience, here we had lunch of soup, trout and coca tea. Then boated back to Puno, you felt like you were on a boat trip at sea not on a Lake, it was like the trips we’ve done many times in places like Greece, sun shining but colder we both had our coats on just sitting on the top deck relaxing, this was the best bit of our Puno trip.

We’d had to extend the stay at the hostel not because we liked it, because let me tell you I was so happy to leave there!  We just had to allow us time to pack and get the bus at 7.30am to Copacabana in Bolivia, so there was no choice really.

In all Puno was nothing special, we’re now looking to our Bolivia trip crossing the boarder for the first time and on to Isle Del Sol an island on Lake Titicaca.

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  1. sco77 says:

    It’s all shaping up to an amazing trip thus far 😉 Loving the updates. You wouldn’t believe how great Grantham has been since you left? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is all i can say…………………….HAHAHAHAHA….Not!!! xxx

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