How much does it cost to travel through South America – Peru in July 2014.

How much does it cost to travel through South America-Peru?

When we were planning the cost of this trip we used other people’s blogs to calculate a likely budget for each country. Here’s our two Penneth worth for the cost of travelling in Peru in. July 2014 with the hope that it helps others in the planning phase.

The costs below are per person unless stated otherwise.


The room on the Isle of del Sol £4.25 (top left).

The room on the Isle of del Sol £4.25 (top left).

We have been staying in hostels. The average cost of our rooms in Peru was £16.14. Lima was slightly more expensive. Our last room at Kantaya hostel in Puno cost £13.39. We stayed in a half built house on the Isle Del Sol, it had now water but the room cost £4.25 and it had a fantastic sea view.


Food is as cheap as you want it to be. we have mostly been eating at mid range restaurants. last night Paul had Lomo Saltado a kind of beef stirfry followed by an apple pie with ice cream. Tracy had fried chicken with rice and vegetables. Both had a drink. The meal cost £15.48

Occasional treats.

Occasional treats.

We have also used Peruvian cafe style canteens. local establishments where you get a hearty “menu of the day” and a complimentary corn based drink. In Arequipa for example Paul had “Soupa Blanco”, a white,clear chicken soup followed by apiece of meat, Alpaca if you are lucky and vegetables. That meal was fairly typical and cost £2.93 for 1 person.

Before leaving the UK we set a budget of £80 for both of us per day (£40 per person) which would allow about 8 months of travelling. We hoped and so far have easily managed to come under that budget. The only time we exceeded the daily budget was when we paid extra for the Colca Tour with Colca Trek, money with spending. And as previously mentioned, we stayed an extra few nights in Arequipa, living frugally to make up the loss.

We estimate that we have spent about £69 per day in Peru. that’s includes the cost of everything, accommodation, food, excursions etc. We have not cut corners and have lived perhaps a better standard of daily life than we should have allowed ourselves but things are so cheap it’s difficult not to!

We hope the border stamp doesn't refer to our fashions senses?

We hope the border stamp doesn’t refer to our fashions senses?

We have now crossed into Bolivia and early indications are that this country is cheaper still. Tracy’s hamburger, my soup, cocoa tea and water cost £5. The hours boat trip to the Isle of Del Sol cost £2 each

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