A Film of our Trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam.

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4 Responses to A Film of our Trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam.

  1. Nigel Aston says:

    Looks like real luxury compared to your previous film trips. Especially the standard on the cruise boat.

  2. Well yes but we only got two nights of those standards before being bought back to earth at the hostel in Hanoi…

  3. Emmanuelle says:

    Hi guys, Very nice video, we regret that we spent only one days there.. But definitely we recommend PhuQuoc island, we had a really great and relaxing time there ! If you pass by Shanghai, you’re welcome to stay in our home. Take care. Emma & Arnaud (from the speed dating in Hanoi). “Bon vent”

    • Hello!

      We’ve only just got over the hangover after our night out speed dating!

      We couldn’t get a Russian visa so we headed to S Korea instead. We took a tour to the border the other day, really fascinating place to visit. Tomorrow we leave Busan for Osaka by ferry after that, its all a bit uncertain, maybe the Philippines or perhaps India!

      Great to hear from you, keep in touch!

      Paul & Tracy.

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