Coming Home

It says a lot about the pace of ‘normal’ life when you consider that it has taken us almost a year to write the remaining two posts in the blog. We can now go forth and get it printed!

The previous posts were from South Korea and Japan. We planned to continue heading North to Vladivostok to get the Trans Siberian train back to Europe but some guy called Putin changed the visa rules and we would have had to travel to Edinburgh or London to have our mouths swabbed and our retinas scanned first as part of the new visa process. It seemed easier to re-plan and so we decided to spend our final weeks in the Philippines and Kong Kong instead.


A thoroughly dreadful sight…

Coming home was hard. I don’t remember much about the second leg of the fight between Dubai and Manchester. I remember Emirates being very generous with Irish whisky. I also remember the air hostess on that leg sounding like Vera Duckworth which was too  familiar a culture shock, I decided to make further use of the airlines generosity. In hindsight, we should have planned our return a bit better. It was the night before the flight home that it really dawned on us, we were returning to Blighty after travelling for 10 wonderful months through 19 amazing countries. We had no jobs, no home and our possessions were in a container in a Lincolnshire farmyard somewhere that we didn’t know (the container was picked up from our house before we left). No wonder I was grateful for Emirates hospitality.


Leaving the coast of Dubai for Manchester.

Almost a year on, we are now back in a house with our possessions (including the cat) and we are both working. We are very grateful for Tracy’s mum and dad for looking after the cat and giving us a roof, a bed and food for a few weeks on our return. Finding work was the easy part, adjusting to a 9-5 routine was brutal. Two weeks after our return I had a contract in Scarborough. I found myself sitting on a wall outside council offices during a 60 minute lunch eating a cold prawn sandwich from Greggs, staring out across a grey Scarborough Bay amongst the retired folk as seagulls hovered with intent above me.  Two weeks earlier I’d been running across Clearwater Bay in the humid lush green mountains surrounding Hong Kong. A savage return indeed but hey we can’t complain it had been an amazing trip and we were lucky to pull it off!

Thanks for reading.

Paul & Tracy




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8 Responses to Coming Home

  1. Ricardo says:

    I am so happy to hear from you! I was wondering what had happened, where you went and where you were now! It’s good to see you got a job that fast! One year ago I was recovering from my 6-month trip around Asia. I have thought so many times about going back! But seeing your pictures and your faces, brought me back to our amazing time together on the boat in Halong Bay for Tet. Missing you guys very much!

    • Ricardo!

      Great to hear from you. Time passes so quickly, it seems like only recently when we were bobbing around on that junk boat. It looks like you might be in London, we hope all is good and that you are planning your next escapade!

  2. Keels says:

    As brutal as it may be, what a shed load of memories to look back on…… and perhaps a few more pennies earned for the next adventure (no matter how small!).?? 😊

  3. Yvonne Ancliffe says:

    Can’t believe you’ve been back a year! I’m pleased you’ve taken the time to finish off your blog, it ended so abruptly but to be honest after what you’ve both experienced I can only imagine how coming back would have felt. What a fantastic adventure to tell your kids 😉

    I’ve not seen you since you got back Paul but I hope you’re both well. Take care. Yvonne x

  4. Nigel Aston says:

    A bit disappointed that there isn’t a picture of the splendid Scarborough Bay

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